Parents of Texas first-grader sexually assaulted by students not told for over a week

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More than 100 people showed up to protest at a Plainview Texas elementary school after a 6-year-old girl was allegedly forced into sex acts by classmates on April 19th. According to a report from Everything Lubbock, the parents of the victim said the school never informed them of the incident. 

The Plainview Independent school district released a statement on Monday stating that the incident happened in a classroom “away from the full vision of the teacher.” It wasn’t until a school issued iPad was taken to be unlocked that it was discovered to have video of the incident on it. 

The school immediately called Child Protective Services (CPS) to investigate what happened. During the investigation the teacher had been placed on administrative leave, according to the statement. 

Local news KKAM reported that the teacher was present at the time, but was assisting other students while also listening to music through earbuds. 

The family didn’t find out about the incident for a week and a half, when the young girl had not been acting like herself. The minor’s older cousin, Heather Gonzolaz, said that the girl also told them about another incident where one of the boys had exposed himself to her during lunch time. The aunt couldn’t believe that the girl was kept in the same classroom with the boy after the school knew about the incident. 

Gonzolaz said, “Everything was ‘no comment, I cannot tell you, no comment.'” Gonzolaz asked, “So, you mean to tell me abuse has been happening for a week and a half and these kids are still at the same desk? My cousin is still at a desk with all boys, having to see her abusers every day?”

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