Parents sue Instagram over claims the app drove teen girls into depression and eating disorders

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Two new lawsuits against Instagram’s parent company Meta have been filed representing two young girls, who claim the social media app drove them to develop eating disorders, anxiety, depression and suicidality. Both families are represented in their lawsuits by Laura Marquez-Garrett of the Social Media Victims Law Center.

The lawsuits allege that Meta needs to be held responsible for “causing and contributing to the burgeoning mental health crisis perpetrated upon the children and teenagers of the United States.”

Candace Wuest claims that when her 12-year-old daughter became “addicted” to Instagram, it led to her suicide attempt. Her daughter is identified as CN in the lawsuit.

“CN’s use of Instagram developed into a dependency on the Instagram product and coincided with a steady, but severe, decline in her mental health,” the lawsuit said.

According to the court filing, Meta is accused of strict liability, negligence, fraud and fraudulent concealment and unjust enrichment. “Meta’s social media product pushed 12-year-old CN down a dangerous rabbit hole,” the lawsuit reads.

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