Parents sue school after secret ‘gender identity’ meetings with 12-year-old, suicide attempts

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Parents of a 12-year-old Clay County, Florida, student are filing a lawsuit against the child’s school district after they said that their daughter had attempted suicide two days in a row following meetings regarding “gender identity confusion” with a school counselor, and that these conversations were withheld from the parents until after the suicide attempts.

“We met with the principal, the assistant principal and the police officer, and the counselor who informed us that our 12-year old-daughter, this is an elementary-schooler, had tried to commit suicide at school by hanging herself twice in two days,” Wendell Perez said, according to First Coast News.

Their daughter was admitted to a local hospital’s behavioral health unit, where she stayed until Jan. 12. On Jan. 5, the Perez family received a phone call from the school counselor urging them to come to the school immediately.

“The school counselor alleged that it [suicide attempts] was because of a gender identity issue, and that they knew we as parents would not be in agreement because of our Catholic Christian beliefs. My daughter never exhibited any signs of gender confusion or questioning her biological sex,” the father said.

“I asked why my daughter had tried to commit suicide. She [the counselor] said because of her identity issues. I asked what those were and she said, ‘well, you know, she wants to be called this, and she wants these pronouns,’ and she said, ‘because she knows that you guys are not going to accept her because of your religious beliefs,'” Maria Perez said.

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