Pastor Holding ‘Santa Is Fake Jesus Is Real’ Sign at School Drop-Off Gets Attacked

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A pastor in Amarillo, Texas, was attacked by a parent for playing the Grinch outside a local grade school.

David Grisham, who calls himself a member of a “small group of street preachers who take the Gospel to those who will not step into a church,” donned a Dr. Seuss “The Grinch” costume and stood outside Sleepy Hollow Elementary School, holding a sign telling kids that Santa isn’t real.

“Santa is Fake Jesus is Real,” the sign read, according to KVII-TV.

Neither the parents arriving to pick up their young children, nor the school administrations, though, appreciated his message attacking Christmas.

According to video recorded by Grisham, one father of a Sleepy Hollow school child crossed the street and tore the preacher’s sign out of his hands and threw it on the ground.

Another parent told the station that Grisham “shouldn’t be pushing his agenda any people’s kids.”

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