‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Goes Scorched Earth on Politicians, Alleges They’re ‘Complicit’ in Son’s Death

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Death is often described as the great equalizer, coming for all regardless of status, wealth, power or privilege.

But lately, the same can be said of the drug fentanyl.

The ravages of this lethal drug are affecting families across America, from the poorest and most wretched, to the richest and most privileged.

On Jan. 19, Rick Harrison, the star of History Channel’s “Pawn Stars,” lost his son to the deadly fentanyl epidemic.

According to police reports, Adam Harrison was found dead in a Las Vegas guest house. The 39-year-old man had not been seen for two days before another resident raised concerns over his absence. Upon entering Harrison’s room, the landlord discovered him unresponsive and called the authorities, Fox News reported.

According to Fox, police found “two vials of a redacted substance next to the mattress” and a “foil with an unknown pill, lighters and narcotic paraphernalia straws.”

Shortly after Adam’s death, former President Donald Trump’s son Don Jr., commented on Harrison’s tribute post, writing, “I’m so sorry man,” TMZ reported.

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