Pedophile George Nader pleads guilty over funneling millions of dollars to 2016 Clinton campaign

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A new report names lobbyist George Nader as having pleaded guilty to helping funnel $3.5 million dollars to the 2016 Clinton campaign. He did it to help the United Arab Emirates gain influence in Washington DC, on behalf of Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

George Nader, a “lifelong” pedophile, was first convicted in in Czech Republic in 2003 of sexually abusing ten children, for which he only served one year in prison. He committed his crimes between 1999 and 2002. In 2020, Nader admitted to possessing child pornography and bringing an underage boy for “commercial sex.” Explicit videos depicting the rapes of toddlers were discovered on his phone in 2018, when FBI agents examined his devices on their probe into election meddling, The Independent reported.

While the likes of CNN and Politico at the time Nader was first charged emphasized connections to the Trump campaign and Mueller probe – it was the Clinton aspect of this operation that did him in.

Reporting on the matter connects Nader to the Hollywood A-List efforts to fundraise on behalf of Democrats.

In December 2019, the Washington Post highlighted the story, describing George Nader as a “key Mueller witness” being charged, when talking about the initial charges and millions of dollars funneled to both candidates.

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