Pelosi, Schumer Eat and Gloat About Ambushing Trump: ‘She Set Him Up So I Could Go in for the Kill’

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I do not like Chuck and Nancy,

I do not like them stuffing their faces in Hunan Dynasty,

I do not like them being sickeningly self-congratulatory,

I most certainly do not like CNN’s never-ending sycophancy.

The above nod to Dr. Seuss is probably more relatable to many Americans than whatever this dreck is that CNN’s Jamie Gangel produced alongside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The video of this “first-ever joint interview” at Chinese restaurant Hunan Dynasty really helps shred the last vestiges of relatability these Washington elites have to everyday Americans, while also shredding whatever’s left of CNN’s journalistic integrity in one fell swoop.

In a way, it’s almost impressive:

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