Pennsylvania Water System Hacked, Haunting Message Appears on Control Panel

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The Municipal Water Authority of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh, stated Saturday that one of their booster stations was hacked by an Iranian-back cyber group.

Matthew Mottes, chairman of the board of directors for the Municipal Water Authority, told KDKA that the group known as Cyber Av3ngers took control of a pumping station, shutting it down.

Penn Live reported that afterwards a message appeared on the system’s control panel, reading, “You have been hacked. Down with Israel. Every equipment ‘made with Israel’ is Cyber Av3ngers legal target.”

So obviously the Iranians are trying to hurt Israel’s world renowned tech export market.

The system that was hacked utilizes Unitronics, which Mottes told KDKA includes software or components that are Israeli-developed.

“The system has since been disabled,” so the hackers cannot control it, KDKA reported.

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