Pentagon denies DC Mayor Bowser's plea for National Guard aid in migrant crisis

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The Department of Defense on Friday denied Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s request for help from the National Guard amid a “humanitarian crisis,” as thousands of migrants arrive in the nation’s capital on buses from the southern border.

Last week, Bowser sent a request to the Pentagon, asking for National Guard troops to help out with the recent influx of migrants pouring into the city mostly by way of Texas, and asking that the DC Armory be converted to a processing center.

A senior defense official told Fox News on Friday that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin “has declined to approve the DCHSEMA [DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency] request for DCNG to provide personnel and the DC Armory to assist the NGO, SAMU First Response, with transportation and reception of migrants arriving in the DC area.”

“We have determined providing this support would negatively impact the readiness of the DCNG and have negative effects on the organization and members,” the official said. “We understand SAMU First Response has received grant funding through FEMA’s Emergency Food and Shelter Program, and has indicated that sufficient EFSP funds exist at this point to provide migrant assistance.”

Bowser, who has recently been critical of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s move to bus illegal immigrants to liberal cities to bring attention to the migrant problem in southern states, called his strategy “cruel political gamesmanship.” Abbott claims that the migrants volunteered to be bused to DC, according to KENS5.

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