Pentatonix Says Its Music Meant to Share Its Faith in Jesus, ‘Spread His Love’

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In a culture rapidly losing its Christian identity, a secular music group joyfully proclaiming the Gospel seems more shocking than seeing one of their peers cavorting around the stage dressed in Satan themed fetish gear.

And yet, that’s just what happened on the red carpet with the popular acapella group Pentatonix.

Speaking to The Christian Post at the Nov. 3 premiere of the movie “Journey to Bethlehem,” Pentatonix members Matt Sallee and Kevin Olusola expressed that they perceived themselves less as celebrities, and more as “Daniels” called to “infiltrate” our corrupted secular culture.

Olusola and Sallee described how they see their career as a means to be a light in the darkness of their culture and exemplify what it means to live the Gospel joyfully.

“I think for us, the goal is just to be a light in culture and show people how beautiful and joyous and cool the Gospel is,” Olusola said.

Sallee echoed this thought: “Whether we’re in Madison Square Garden, whether we’re at a children’s hospital, God is everywhere, and He uses us, and He uses so many different people in different areas and arenas to just spread His love and because they choose to choose Him. It’s really cool, and I’m really passionate about it.”

Though neither would describe Pentatonix as an explicitly Christian group, their faith still infuses all aspects of their work.

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