People Even More Disturbed by Satanic Grammys Performance After Seeing Who Sponsored the Event

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Well, that was awkward.

At Sunday’s Grammys, Sam Smith — a controversy-courting singer-songwriter who identifies himself as nonbinary — and transgender German-born singer Kim Petras performed their hit “Unholy” in the most literal way possible.

Smith, dressed in red leather, quickly adopted a horned top hat. Quick, guess who he’s supposed to be? Meanwhile, a gyrating Petras danced in a cage, surrounded by similarly horned dancers.

If you were one of those tuning in to see if the Grammys could hit a new low in taste, I’m assuming you weren’t disappointed.

The problem, of course, is that any broadcast on network television has to sell products.

More than any other form of video, the big-four broadcast networks — including CBS, which televised the performance — rely on selling products to make money.

Which introduces a second problem: Who wants to be associated with Satan? Who wants to buy ad spots right after that scene?

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