‘People Need to Go to Jail’ After Latest John Durham Filing: Senator

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said on Feb. 20 that Republicans and former President Donald Trump will ultimately be proven correct with regard to their repeated claims that Obama administration officials spied on him.

“You and I both remember when President Trump said ‘the Democrats are spying on me,’” Cruz told host Bill Hemmer on “Fox News Sunday.” “And the corporate media collectively laughed at him. They mocked at him. They said what a ridiculous claim for him to make. Well, if what special counsel [John] Durham is alleging is true, what Donald Trump said was absolutely right.”

Cruz was responding to questions relating to recent court filings made by Durham in the case against Michael Sussmann, a former Clinton campaign and Democrat National Committee attorney who was charged in 2021 with making false statements to the FBI when he met then-general counsel James Baker in late 2016.

A motion filed earlier in February by Durham and his team connected Sussmann to a technology executive who was allegedly gathering information from servers connected to Trump’s homes and his office when he was president.

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