PETA Gets Eaten Alive for Thanksgiving Post Glorifying Turkeys – Fact Check Gives the Truth About These Brutal Birds

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The far-left animal rights group PETA received arguably one of the most brutal community notes labels yet on Thursday since X (formerly Twitter) began crowd-sourcing fact checks to normal people rather than biased, far-left reporters.

In true PETA fashion, the group portrayed those participating in eating turkey on Thanksgiving as killers and reprobates.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, in a bizarre attempt to humanize these delicious birds, asked its followers to empathize with turkeys by sharing an image of a family of them eating a human being.

The turkeys pictured were holding hands in prayer while the cooked carcass of a person sat ready to eat on a dinner table.

In addition to the image appearing as if it could have worked as an obscure punk rock band’s album cover, it left out a simple truth: Animals have a taste for meat.

“We’re lucky turkeys would never do this to us—you don’t have to do it to them, either,” PETA claimed.

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