Pete Buttigieg Brutally Mocked After Twitter Users Spot What He Was Wearing in East Palestine

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If there’s one thing politicians are supposed to be adept at, it’s curating the perfect photo op.

Unfortunately, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is as terrible at the optics of his position as he is at the job itself.

On Thursday, Buttigieg finally got around to surveying the aftermath of the train derailment disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, that happened nearly three weeks ago.

A controlled burn of the locomotive’s toxic chemical cargo sent flames and a plume of noxious smoke into the skies over the surrounding community and has residents worried about the air and water quality.

Not only was Buttigieg unprepared to handle a transportation cataclysm of this magnitude — after all, he was the mayor who couldn’t get the potholes filled in his city — his choice of footwear reveals he’s not even up to looking the part.

According to Fox News, Buttigieg trudged through the beleaguered hamlet wearing leather dress boots more suited for a European vacation than an active work site.

Sure, the boots may have set off his look with the fleece, button-down shirt, and slim-fit pants, but they were as impractical for a disaster area as a small-potatoes mayor is for a cabinet-level position.

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