Pete Buttigieg Is Triggered People Criticized His Poor Footwear During Ohio Visit

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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is responding to the criticism that he received for his choice of footwear during his visit to East Palestine, Ohio.

Buttigieg visited the Ohio town two weeks ago in order to see the aftermath of the horrific train derailment that released toxic chemicals and put the health of the local residents at serious risk.

During his visit, he received heavy criticism from many on Twitter for wearing nice dress shoes to survey a muddy work site.

Now, Buttigieg is responding to criticism of his seemingly out-of-touch attitude during his visit, and needless to say, he is none too pleased about the criticism that he is receiving.

According to CNN, Buttigieg accused Trump and conservative media pundits like Tucker Carlson of feigning sympathy for the residents of East Palestine for political clout.

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