Pit Bull Mix Rips Off Woman’s Nose, Mangles Left Arm After Being ‘Startled by Her Teeth Whitening’

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A Connecticut woman has been left with lifelong injuries after her boyfriend’s pit bull mix badly mauled her.

Olivia Quast’s nose was severed from her face in the mauling, according to The Middleton Press.

The dog, a mixed-breed cross of pit bull, pointer and American bulldog named “Bentley,” became violent when Quast closed its food bag last month.

Quast said she believes the animal may have been driven to violence by the sight of what she was wearing in her mouth.

The victim suggested that the dog was “startled and provoked by her teeth-whitening mouth guard equipped with a UV light,” according to the New York Post.

“He got me three times. He took my nose. I was in shock,” the victim told the Middleton Press.

“I punched him in the head and he bit me again … He came at me again. I kicked him in the side and he ran away.”

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