Plus-sized TikTok creator says 'it's discrimination' that airplane aisles aren't wider

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In a video posted to TikTok on Wednesday, a plus-sized TikTok creator claimed to her 50K followers that airlines discriminate against her because she struggled to fit down the aisle. It shows Olivia turning her body sideways to fit past each seat down the aisle. 

The caption read, “Honestly it is discrimination that they can’t build a wider aisles in airplanes 2023.” 

The video, which has amassed over 700 thousand views as of publication has garnered mixed reactions. One commenter noted, “Wider aisles mean less seats, and they would be cutting into profits to accommodate the super-sized. That wouldn’t make any sense.”

Another said, “Imma big girl myself but I am not blaming the plane for being uncomfortable. That’s on me.” 

Others were more sympathetic. “I agree, airplanes are so compact and give me terrible claustrophobia.” One user responded. 

Another said, “Sure is! Planes are super tight no matter the waistline.” 

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