Poilievre demands Trudeau Liberals be held accountable for baseless authorization of Emergencies Act

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Pierre Poilievre went toe to toe with Trudeau on Wednesday, demanding that the prime minister hold Liberal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino accountable for misleading Canadians about the use of the Emergencies Act in February.

The Conservative MP and prime-ministerial hopeful slammed Mendicino for “stating falsehoods,” and asked why the minister was allowed to remain in Trudeau’s cabinet.

“Not once, not twice, but thirteen times did this public safety minister claim the police told him to suspend people’s civil liberties with the Emergencies Act,” Poilievre began.

“Not only did the cops say that’s not true, but yesterday, two of his fellow ministers, including the deputy prime minister said it’s not true, and today, the prime minister refused to say that his public safety minister had acted honourably.

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