Poilievre slams Trudeau for interfering with Alberta’s ban on child sex changes

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Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre says the Trudeau government should “butt out” of Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s new transgender policies and that he opposes puberty blockers for minors.

Poilievre revealed his position over two days of news conferences. Speaking to reporters in Montreal Tuesday, the official opposition leader said Trudeau and his cabinet ministers need to “butt out” of provincial matters.

On Wednesday, after the weekly Conservative caucus meeting, Poilievre extrapolated on his position.

He said “yes” when asked if he opposes puberty blockers for minors.

“I think we should protect children in their ability to make adult decisions when they are adults,” Mr. Poilievre said as he arrived at the caucus meeting.

On Tuesday, Poilievre accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of creating confusion over Smith’s transgender policies. 

“If you keep it vague and you actually refrain from describing the policies Premier Smith is putting in place, you think you can misrepresent them and misrepresent conservatives,” he said.

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