Police Take Man Into Custody for Gruesome Crimes, Then They Learn How He Got Into the Country

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An alleged serial killer who police say stabbed two people to death in Northern California and tried to kill a third person entered the country illegally as a child.

This so-called Dreamer was not deported and, according to police, took the lives of two people who were simply enjoying parks in Davis, California, in recent weeks.

Neither David Breaux nor Karim Abou Najm will ever dream again after their lives were cut short by a man police say is 21-year-old Carlos Dominguez.

In recent weeks, three people were stabbed — allegedly at random — by Dominguez in Yolo County.

In addition to the dead, a 64-year-old homeless woman named Kimberlee Guillory was stabbed multiple times outside of a tent city.

She survived the attack, which further put the city on edge. Residents were scared to go outside.

Now, police believe they have their man in Dominguez, who was arrested last week and charged with the fatal stabbings of Breaux and Abou Najm.

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