Portland Antifa rioter who drove toward police at riot convicted, gets probation

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Swales said that between July 16 and 17, 2020, he went to retrieve his car and “drove behind the line,” accusing the police of t-boning his vehicle.

“This forum is a f*cking joke. You all know what the f*ck you need to do in y’all refuse to f*cking do it. The question is why? I want to know why. And I’ll give you time to answer. Why? Why do you allow racist f*cking police officers in this city?” He screamed.

“My f*cking life for the last two years have been ruined with pending felony charges for doing what? Obeying their f*cking orders, never being violent, using my f*cking voice. This is a f*cking joke. And y’all better do something. Because let me tell you, you want to f*cking see a criminal or show you a f*cking criminal. I’ve had it.”

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