POSOBIEC: Food insecurity in Biden’s America; 'farms are being crushed by record diesel prices'

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On the June 17th episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec said “we need to get serious about food security in this country and understand that the diesel prices or gas prices go into everything.”

Posobiec’s remarks reflect the growing concern that the record high gas and diesel prices will irrevocably hinder farmers’ output. America’s food supply has historically been abundant due in large part to the product of US farms.

As the New York Post reports, farmland heavy machinery such as tractors rely almost entirely on diesel fuel. These machines plant, harvest, and transport the crops and consume thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in the process.

Posobiec put a spotlight on the impact on Pennsylvania farmers in particular saying, “Pennsylvania farms are being crushed by record diesel prices.” He emphasized that the average price for diesel is “now $6.19 per gallon,” and is up “75 percent from a year ago.”

Posobiec followed-up his concerns for farmers impacted by the cost of diesel warning that “if the farmers cannot get the crops out of the ground then there is not food on the shelves.”

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