Posobiec says drag show targeted at kids should be considered a felony

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Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec broke down what took place at a so-called “child-friendly drag show” in Dallas, Texas, where children were asked to perform on the “runway.”

The event took place at the Dallas gay bar “Mr. Misster” on Saturday.

Posobiec started by saying that the event featured signs that are not appropriate for children and that he wouldn’t read it off as to not offend any listeners who play his show while children could be around.

“I honestly I cannot even read to you, I try to make this a family-friendly podcast… I can’t even read to you what the signs said at this place, at this bar,” he said, referring to neon signs that read “It’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.”

“Children were invited on stage to walk with drag queens, children were invited to give money to tip the drag queens, they said ‘if you think you can do it like we do, I want you to come up real quick’ said one drag queen, while asking children if they want to be a diva and telling them to pick a drag queen to partner with.”

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