Pregnant hospital worker falsely accused of stealing black man's Citi Bike now in HIDING due to death threats

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Pregnant physician’s assistant Sarah Comrie has gone into hiding following a viral video that shows a group of men mobbing her over a Citi Bike rental in New York City. The incident has since resulted in death threats and potential job loss for Comrie, who had been falsley accused of stealing the bike from a black man, despite possessing a receipt that proves she paid for it.Comrie, 36, found herself at the center of a social media mobbing after footage surfaced of her altercation with a man outside Bellevue Hospital at the end of her shift. The video quickly spread across social media platforms, triggering a barrage of threats and defamatory remarks targeting Comrie, including the claim that she was a “suspected white supremacist” by race-baiting goon Tariq Nasheed.

Marino’s defense is significantly bolstered by the discovery of Comrie’s Citi Bike receipt, which Daily Mail obtained. The receipt provides evidence that Comrie had indeed booked the bike outside Bellevue Hospital after completing her 12-hour shift. The matching handlebar number further validates her claim. The men involved in the incident and the corporate media mobbed her nevertheless. 

To support Comrie in her legal battle, her uncle initiated a GoFundMe campaign, which has raised an almost $100,000 towards its goal. The funds will contribute to covering Comrie’s legal expenses as she seeks to rectify the damage caused by the incident.

The campaign description reads in part: “My name is Bob Roe. Late last week, my niece, Sarah Comrie, a Physician Assistant at Bellevue, became embroiled in a much-publicized incident with a Citibike that unfairly painted her as a racist “Karen.” The facts have since proven this is a lie, but the damage has been done.”

As the video emerged, Comrie, donning blue scrubs emblazoned with “NYC Health + Hospitals,” can be seen in distress, seeking help while a crowd gathers around her to chastize her for stealing the bike.

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