[PREMIERING 7:00PM ET] The Gates-Epstein Connection Highlights Major Accusation Against the Deceased Child Sex Trafficker

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Bill Gates’s past with Jeffrey Epstein is again boiling to the surface. It was already known that Gates had connections to the accused sex trafficker and convicted pedophile. In fact, Gates’s wife previously said this was a key reason she divorced him. But the new evidence is exposing even more. Not only is it now apparent that Gates met with Epstein more than was previously thought, but it also appears that Epstein had tried blackmailing Gates over an affair with a Russian bridge player.

Meanwhile, the nation watched last week as FBI whistleblowers made shocking allegations on how the agency has been punishing agents for refusing to break the law, or for refusing to carry out orders they view as unethical. They spoke during a hearing from the House Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee. One of the agents was Stephen Friend, an FBI whistleblower, who joins us for a discussion.

We’ll discuss these stories, and why they matter, in this episode of Crossroads.

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