PREMIERING 7:30 PM ET: Vaccination Without Parental Consent or Knowledge—Laura Sextro on California’s Orwellian COVID Bills

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This episode will premiere on Saturday, Aug. 6, at 7:30 p.m. ET.

“We have a bill that says children must be vaccinated in order to go to school. And if their parents don’t want them to get vaccinated, then they’ll just use a bill that says that [children] as young as 12 years old, they can consent to get the vaccine themselves.”

Laura Sextro is the CEO and co-founder of the Unity Project, an umbrella group that brings together organizations across America that are fighting against the vaccine mandates for children and fighting for medical freedom and parental rights.

“One of the bills in California, which is AB 2098—and I think that this is probably the most egregious bill that we’re seeing —states that any doctor that goes against the COVID narrative will lose their medical license,” Sextro says.

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