PREMIERING 7:30PM ET: Jeffrey Tucker: $6 Trillion Created Unprecedented Inflation, All to Feed the ‘Lockdown Machine’

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“While we slept—while we thought the world was just fine—what was actually happening was a tremendous distortion of the production structures.”

I sit down with Jeffrey Tucker, senior economics columnist for The Epoch Times and founder and president of The Brownstone Institute.

Tucker says labor supply problems are approaching catastrophic levels with historically low worker-to-population ratios, despite what the Biden administration says.

“We just lost millions of workers. They just disappeared,” says Tucker. “Savings rates are rock bottom, credit cards super high, people are taking on second and third jobs, and Washington’s calling this ‘job creation’?”

Tucker and I discuss how pandemic mitigation measures made no measurable difference in health outcomes and caused an economic disaster, in which America’s institutional systems have now become a closed world of industrial privilege.

“The settled ideological systems of 2019 and the previous 50 years don’t really serve as very good prisms to understand the present world,” Tucker says.

We also discuss the Federal Reserve, interest rates, the labor market, and the incentives driving the long-term impacts of COVID interventions.

“The slogan ‘Go woke, go broke’ is really coming to life,” says Tucker.

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