PREMIERING 7:30PM ET: ‘Unspeakable Crime Against Humanity’—Katrina Lantos Swett on China’s Murder for Organs Industry and the Legacy of Her Father, Holocaust Survivor Tom Lantos

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I sit down with Katrina Lantos Swett, president of the Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice and co-chair of the recently concluded International Religious Freedom Summit. We discuss her fight for human rights and religious freedom, including raising awareness about the Chinese regime’s practice of forcibly harvesting the organs of Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience.

And we discuss the legacy of Swett’s late father, Congressman Tom Lantos, a survivor of the Holocaust, and what inspires her to continue her work.

“My father had escaped from a slave labor camp. He was able to make his way back to Budapest and he found refuge in one of the safe houses that Raoul Wallenberg had set up … One of the things that [Raoul] Wallenberg did was he rented a number of buildings around Budapest, hung the Swedish flag there, basically said these are now part of the Swedish legation, and they are off-limits to the Nazis and to the Hungarian Arrow Cross,” she says. Wallenberg, a Swedish diplomat, started issuing “protective passports” and inspired other members of the diplomatic corps in Hungary to do the same.

“My mother would tell us: we called Wallenberg our Moses from the North, who had come to save us and lead us to the promised land. And so from a young age, both my sister and myself, we knew the stories of danger and of terror, but [also] that someone had come to help.”

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