PREMIERING NOW: CNN Just Delivered Trump’s Biggest Campaign Win So Far

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CNN will never be the same again after former President Donald Trump appeared on the network for a Town Hall Wednesday night. The show lasted over an hour and ended with the live audience of Republicans and undeclared voters, at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire, cheering for Trump.

And they weren’t cheering so much for CNN interviewer Kaitlin Collins. Immediately after, CNN itself was even attacked by several public figures and establishment news outlets for even giving Trump a platform. So what took place? Well, it may have made Trump look just a bit too human. And for the well-crafted and ongoing attacks to dehumanize the former president, this could be a threat to the narratives.

Also, border expert and war correspondent Michael Yon joins us from El Paso, TX, to talk the end of Title 42 and what it means for the border crisis.

We’ll discuss this story in this episode of Crossroads.

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