PREMIERING NOW: ‘The Vaccine-Injured Are Being Ignored’: Dr. Pierre Kory on Vaccine Injury Syndrome and the Suppression of Early COVID Treatment

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“The science is ignoring this concept of a vaccine injury syndrome and I will tell you, it is real and it is common.”

Dr. Pierre Kory is one of a handful of doctors focused on treating people injured by the COVID-19 vaccines. A pulmonary and critical care physician by training, Dr. Kory and his partner have treated dozens of vaccine-injured patients since he opened his new practice in mid-February of this year.

“Many of the people who come to me, they’ve been sick for a year and trying to get care,” he says. “As soon as they mentioned that the vaccine is the cause of their illness, the physicians get very upset, and they think that they’re crazy.”

We discuss his new I-RECOVER treatment protocols, the attacks he’s faced, and the corrupt relationship he sees between government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.

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