Project Veritas slammed for video saying staff is 'loyal to James' vision'

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On Friday, Project Veritas released a video on social media saying they “remain loyal” to the vision of founder James O’Keefe, who was removed on Monday (February 20) from the news organization after 16 employees complained of his “management style and business acumen.”

On Twitter, Project Veritas posted the video and wrote, “We have and always will remain loyal to James’ vision, our mission, our country, and our supporters.” The video’s narration said, “High level disputes between our leader and founder James O’Keefe, and the volunteer board of directors who are responsible for oversight of the nonprofit have resulted in James no longer being here. James is not only the founder of Project Veritas, but the creative visionary of our mission.”

The video was released hours after a group of whistleblowers who worked with Project Veritas over the years made a video in support of the ousted founder. The whisleblowers gave their names, the companies they blew the whistle on, and said “I stand with James O’Keefe.”

As of Saturday morning, the “message from the Project Veritas staff” video features roughly 4,000 likes and over 14,000 comments, qualifying it as “ratio’d.” The term describes a circumstance when a social media post garners more replies than likes, and is typically indicative of the public’s dislike.

“This devastated us and the audience we exist for. James hasn’t resigned, nor was he fired. These events confused and they hurt us, leaving all of us in a state of limbo,” the video continued.

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