Prominent Pastor Weighs in on the Santa Question, Warns Parents About ‘Star of the Show’

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It happens every year at Christmastime. The question about whether you should allow your kids to believe in Santa is raised. Worse yet, should you participate in the ruse?

There are many trains of thought on this. Most recently, prominent pastor Mike Winger weighed in on the conversation, sharing his thoughts through a YouTube video.

Winger brings up a few key points. Among them, he compares the difference between playing pretend and outright lying to your kid about the existence of jolly old St. Nick. The former relies on everyone being in the know.

The latter keeps your kids in the dark, with you enjoying a chuckle at their expense and their innocence. Winger argues that how Santa is integrated into many homes weaves into the situation a level of deception that is unhealthy and not appropriate.

He explains that the sugar laid upon the deception makes it worse. Winger affirms that he doesn’t believe carrying out the charade makes parents bad parents. He says it merely is “a bad act.”

Winger brings up some thought-provoking points. But it is the nefarious, judgmental overshadowing of his words as well as his own delivery that, I suspect, ruffled feathers among his critics, those who simply want to share a joyous moment from their own childhoods with their children.

So much already is placed under a microscope today. Must Santa be the same?

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