Prominent YouTubers locked out of Twitter after sharing Eliza Bleu photo from her own video

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Human trafficking activist Eliza Bleu had several high profile Twitter users, including The Quartering and Brittany Venti, blocked earlier in January after they shared a still from a World Star Hip Hop video in which she appeared scantily clothed and dancing in the desert, and the aggressive move to suspend users has sparked questions about the credulity of Bleu’s biographical claims.

The Post Millennial Editor-at-Large Andy Ngo tweeted, “@TheQuartering has been locked out of Twitter after tweeting a screenshot of an activist from an old music video. The reason given by @TwitterSafety is private/intimate media. I saw the still & it looks like fair use. This appears to be a wrongful application of TOS, @ellagirwin.”

Ella Irwin is Twitter’s head of trust and safety put in place by Elon Musk. When Musk took over the company, he promised to make the platform a safe haven for free speech and released the Twitter Files, which detailed Twitter’s censorship efforts and information suppression under previous management. As The Post Millennial has reported, Bleu has worked with Musk and his team towards removing child pornography from the site along with materials that enable child sex exploitation and trafficking.

On January 19, Twitter user and YouTube content creator Brittany Venti tagged Bleu in a Twitter thread that questioned the credibility of the timeline Bleu has publicly provided concerning her time as a victim of human trafficking. 

Venti posted the still from a fully-produced World Star Hip Hop video titled “ICANDY.” The video was live on YouTube from February 19, 2016 but was recently removed, although the video still exists on Rumble.

Venti detailed her suspension in a video the same day, arguing that the video had to have been with Bleu’s consent and was promotional for her.

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