Prosecutors Target School Shooter’s Mother, Say She Could Have Prevented the Bloodshed

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Prosecutors on Friday tried to attack the credibility of a Michigan school shooter’s mother, a day after she denied knowing her son had mental health struggles and rejected claims that she should be responsible for the deaths of four students in 2021.

During cross-examination, the prosecutor reminded Jennifer Crumbley — and the jury — that she could have prevented the bloodshed at Oxford High School, near Detroit, by taking Ethan Crumbley home hours earlier when confronted with his violent drawing on a math paper.

“On November the 30th of 2021, at 12:51 p.m., you could have been with him,” assistant prosecutor Marc Keast said, referring to the time of the attack.

“I could have, yes,” Jennifer Crumbley replied.

“And you didn’t,” Keast shot back.

Jennifer Crumbley, 45, and husband James, 47, are accused of making a gun accessible at home and not addressing Ethan’s mental health. They are the first parents in the U.S. to be charged in a mass school shooting committed by their child.

On Thursday, Jennifer Crumbley denied any responsibility for storing the 9 mm handgun, which was purchased by James Crumbley with their son present four days before the tragedy.

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