Psychiatrist says mental health profession has been 'brainwashed' about trans 'affirmation'

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A psychiatrist with decades of experience working with transgender people has outlined what he believes to be 13 scientifically false assumptions which serve as the foundation of affirmation-only therapy for children and adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria.

Dr Stephen Levine was testifying before a Florida House Health & Human Services Committee on Feb 21 in favour of a ban on medical sex changes for minors. Levine was part of a panel of experts invited by Rep. Randy Fine who afterwards announced plans to pursue legislation to ban medical interventions such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex change surgeries for under 18s in the state, according to Florida Politics.

Levine listed 13 ideas he had found in scientific literature written by those who support affirmation and medical interventions for young people who believe themselves to be transgender, stating he believes that all are scientifically untrue.

Before commencing with the list, Levine asked those assembled to consider the possibility that child sex changes is yet another medical blunder.

“We have a history of medical misadventures, most recently and most damaging is the opioid epidemic, where we began prescribing opioids liberally without scientific demonstration as to its use and its utility and its harms,” said Levine.

Levine told the committee it is untrue to say that a trans identity once established is immutable, unchangeable and unchanging. Also untrue is the claim that prenatal, biologic forces cause a trans identity, as well as the idea that sexual orientation is entirely separate from gender identity. This he says is false due to the strong correlation between gender dysphoria in childhood and homosexuality in adulthood.

Levine then called the suggestion that gender identity is not a symptomatic reflection of some other problem “not a psychologically tenable concept.”

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