Punk Accused of Killing Three Caught with His Pants Down, Cries Like a Baby When He’s Brought to the Ground

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A video has emerged of police in Orange County, Florida, arresting a punk who is suspected of shooting five people and killing three of them.

On Thursday, the Orange County Sherrif’s Office posted a video on Twitter of the arrest of Keith Moses, who is accused of shooting five people, three of whom died. One of the fatalities was Dylan Lyons, a reporter for Spectrum 13 News who was on assignment when she was shot.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic language that may offend some viewers.

The video shows sheriff’s deputies chasing Moses, whose pants were severely sagging, in their squad car before eventually catching up to him. They then got out of their car and forced him to the ground.

Moses’s attitude changed quite significantly after he hit the ground, as he began to wail and cry like a baby. First, he yelled that the deputies “were killing” him.

Then, he repeatedly screamed “I can’t breathe” as the police handcuffed him and searched him, no doubt in an attempt to invoke the Black Lives Matter narrative about the death of George Floyd.

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