Punk Leftist Tries to Ambush Lauren Boebert, Watch How Ex-Cop Clay Higgins Saves the Day

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Jake Burdett is a self-professed far-lefty who apparently likes rabble-rousing. Pronouns in his Twitter profile, of course: “progressive activist, Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist. Affordable Housing Advocate. YIMBY Hater. U. Balt. Law Student. He/Him.”

On Tuesday, he tried to interrupt multiple Republicans at a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington regarding the World Health Organization.

After being given the opportunity to stick around by Louisiana Rep. Clay Higgins — a former police officer — Burdett was shocked that 1) Higgins forcibly removed him from an event that he only intended to troll and 2) he was the one being detained.

Sounds about right.

“I am currently being detained by DC Police for asking tough questions to far right extremist Congressmen @RepGosar and @laurenboebert at a press conference. Rep Clay Higgins proceeded to assault/physically remove me from the press conference. For this, the cops detained me, not him,” Burdett said in a tweet Wednesday after the encounter.

According to The Hill, Burdett was visiting Capitol Hill with the Maryland Progressive Healthcare Coalition to support the reintroduction of the moribund Medicare for All Act.

Kristy Fogle, founder of the coalition, told the outlet that Burdett said he wanted to ask Boebert a “tough question” after they happened upon the news briefing.

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