Punk Steals Dozens of iPhones from California Store, But It’s What Happened After That Shows the State’s Real Problem

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On Wednesday, a shocking video went viral on social media that shows a man ripping iPhones and other Apple merchandise from a store display in California. But it is what happened after he left the store that is the real story.

The video of the theft was recorded on Monday in the town of Emeryville, California, a small town that sits along the Bay on Oakland’s northern border.

The video shows a young black male in a black ski mask and designer gym shoes rampaging through an Apple store and ripping iPhones and other expensive Apple electronics off their theft prevention tethers, shoving them down his pants, and stomping out of the store.

The video ends as he stalks across the street to his waiting car, which he had doubled parked in front of the store.

The clip went viral first on TikTok where it garnered more than two million views in a day, and then on X where it has reached more than nine million views.

While it is outrageous enough that this crook was so brazen that he felt he could spend several minutes ripping the merchandise out of the store’s display, what happened at the end as he left the store is sadly emblematic of the Democrat Party’s failed policies on law and order.

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