Queer, trans activist gives 'Abolish the Family' lecture at UMass

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A so-called expert on feminist, trans, and queer politics gave a speech titled Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation at UMass Boston earlier this month.

According to The College Fix, Sophie Lewis was invited to speak about her envisioned utopia of a family beyond fatherhood and motherhood in which children are not the property of parents but raised by society as a whole. 

Lewis, who is the author of not only Abolish the Family, but also a book called Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against the Family in which she compares pregnancy to cancer and refers to women as “gestators,” considers herself something of an expert on the abolition of the family as a concept.

In an interview with Verso, Lewis admits that the history of experiments in “communizing child-rearing” have often been messy, but so she says have “all attempts at overthrowing capitalism so far,” but that doesn’t mean it was a mistake to try.

She went on to describe abolition as “the concept we have for a simultaneous destruction, preservation and transformation of something” and says we will find out what the social is when we “stop running indoors to get our needs met.”

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