Racism or Self-Defense? The Left Cares About Skin Color Over Safety

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Many in New York City are protesting the death of homeless performer Jordan Neely, who a former Marine choked and subdued after Neely intimidated and threatened other passengers. Neely had 42 arrests, some involving assault on women. However, the passengers didn’t know that. They were reacting to how Neely was behaving.

The mainstream media immediately made race the story’s focal point, as is only the case when the assailant is white and the victim is black. Unfortunately, race is more important to many in our society than what actually happened and why. The media remains focused on the protests rather than what Neely did to make that subway car unsafe, his criminal history, and the series of murders and crimes on New York’s subways. The left follows the cycle of overreact, protest, and repeat while ignoring the issues that created this incident.

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