Radical academics seek to shut down 'problematic' talk at the University of Winnipeg

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Trans activists are attempting to shut down a University of Winnipeg speaking event about the “economic interests involved in transgenderism,” claiming it is promoting harmful, hateful and false information, reports CityNews. 

University of Winnipeg (UofW) Professor Joanne Boucher is scheduled to give the talk titled, “The Commodification of the Human Body: The Case of Transgender Identities,” on Friday, March 3, but local activists and some university staff are calling for the event to be cancelled, calling it “inappropriate and dangerous.”

According to the event description, the talk will focus on the economic interests involved in transgenderism, and the role of government, corporate-funded lobby groups, the medical industry, and the biotechnology sector will be highlighted.

Jenn Rands, of Pride Winnipeg, says this is “problematic” and feels it is “deeply concerning that an event like this is being permitted to proceed at any post-secondary education institution.”

“It’s entirely inappropriate and dangerous that transgender healthcare is being referred to as a commodity,” Rands told CityNews. “These treatments and procedures, they’re not cosmetic, gender-affirming healthcare is medically necessary, and it’s life-saving care for youth and adults.”

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