Rand Paul Furiously Walks Out After Dem Attempts to ‘Make Up Rules,’ Gives Him Taste of His Own Medicine

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Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky walked out in protest during a meeting of the Senate Homeland Security Committee after the panel’s Democratic chairman, Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan, used cheap procedural tricks to repeatedly block GOP amendments to the Fire Grants and Safety Act.

“So earlier, the chair replaced my amendment with a secondary amendment because they were playing, basically, a legislative sort of prank on the American public so the other side wouldn’t have to vote directly on a vaccine amendment,” Paul said on Wednesday.

“So basically, we will do exactly the same thing and offer a second-degree amendment to the Scott amendment, and this amendment will be my amendment three, which says that firehouses that fired people for vaccines would not be eligible for grants.”

When Peters reacted by introducing amendments to the amendments that Paul had proposed, they engaged in a long back-and-forth over the Kentucky Republican’s ability to call an amendment after being recognized.

Paul eventually had his fill of that and called out the Democrat for his absurd game-playing.

“If this is the way you’re going to run the committee, I would suggest that the Republicans leave,” he told Peters.

“I don’t see why we should stick around if you’re going to make up the rules.”

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