Rap artist 'cries in jail cell' after taunting NYPD officers saying 'he will never be caught'

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A Chicago-based rap artist and self-proclaimed gang member reportedly “cried in his jail cell” after he was locked up for attempting to steal New York police officer’s guns out of their holsters, the New York Post reports.

Richard Sharp, who goes by the stage name “Famous Richard”, uploaded numerous videos to TikTok of him personally taunting NYPD officers and then bragging that he “would never get caught.”

“How you coming, Shorty?” Sharp asked the cop.

The NYPD officer fired back and said, “You’re the guy that got arrested. You were crying in the cells. I remember that.”

The rap artist then approached a separate group of officers standing near the Midtown North Precinct and attempted to take issue but an officer recognized him and said, “What’s up son. You was crying in the cells last week, right?”

“Who told you that?” Sharp asked.

“I saw you, bro,” the cops responded.

Sharp asks another officer, “I was crying in the cells?”

“You were crying in the cells, big guy,” the officer said.

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