Real Estate Developer Says Goodbye to Blue City After Making Bone-Chilling Discovery in His Office

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A real estate developer who has lived in Portland, Oregon, his entire life said he is moving away after he came to work over the weekend to find multiple bullet holes that had penetrated a window behind his chair.

After seeing the decline of the once-great American city he has always called home, Dustin Michael Miller said on Instagram that he is making an exit plan.

The video was posted by the community journalism page @pdx.real and showed a fiery Miller explain his decision to bail on the Democrat-run city.

The video tagged Portland police as well as far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler, whose embrace of anarchists saw the city face 100 nights of riots in 2020.

“Alright, Portland, I’m done with you,” he said. “I’m over. This has gotta stop, OK?”

Miller sat in a chair he said he usually works at and revealed three bullet holes in the window directly behind him.

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