REAL TIME RED PILL: Savanah Hernandez deprograms 'white privilege bro' on the street

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On Friday, The Post Millennial contributor Savanah Hernandez posted a conversation she had with a student at the University of Texas at Austin and as he tried to explain his “white privilege” to her, “she decided to take the opportunity to deprogram him in live time.”

“I grew up as a white man and you’re the exact opposite, you know? And so it’s like, my experiences are gonna be different from yours,” he said. “How come?” Hernandez immediately asked. “I think, you know, there’s a thing of, like, white privilege,” he answered. She then asked, “What privileges do you have that I don’t have?” And left the student stumped.

“Oh, see, that’s the question I keep asking myself because like, in this day and age, like all the laws, I say all the laws—it’s hard to speak on something I’m not fully knowledgeable of. So like, I’m sorry if I like make mistake,” he replied.

“Do you think it’s a problem in society when white people think that they have more privileges than brown or black people?” She asked. 

“Yeah, and I think that’s sort of the agenda that’s pushed off because, personally, it’s like, not that I think I’m more privileged than anyone else because I had to work to get where I was,” he said.

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