Rep. Perry says 'tyranny' is coming to American homes following FBI raid of Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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On Sunday’s episode of Sunday Morning Futures, host Maria Bartiromo spoke with Freedom Caucus Chair and Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry about the FBI recently confiscating his phone, which occurred the day after the agency’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

“Tyranny is going to come right into everyone’s living room very very shortly,” Perry said. “This is about intimidating anyone who refuses to bend the knee to the narrative.”

On August 9, Perry was traveling with family when he was approached by FBI agents who handed the congressman a warrant and seized his cellphone at the airport.

“A day after the raid on the president’s home FBI agents showed up when I was traveling with my family, my wife and our two small children, my in-laws, extended family, showed up and demanded my cell phone they said they were going to image it they were not going to search it and and then they eventually did return it,” he said.

Describing how it felt, Perry said, “Well, Maria, it feels awful. Look, we have always supported law enforcement. I always have we have revered the FBI, but this is an abuse of power.”

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