Rescuers Searching for Trapped Miners Filled with Hope After Hearing Something from the Tunnels

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A member of a rescue team raised hope Monday that there may be survivors at a Zambian mine where more than 30 informal miners have been trapped under debris for days and presumed dead after heavy rain caused landslides.

Rescuers have been searching for the miners since early Friday after they were buried Thursday night while digging tunnels at an open-pit mine near the city of Chingola on the country’s copper belt.

“We are getting close and expect to find survivors as there is some voices we are hearing from one of the tunnels,” Wiva Chanda, an informal miner from the area helping with the rescue effort, told The Associated Press by telephone.

“There is hope but I think it will be a mix of survivors and dead bodies.”

Chingola District Commissioner Raphael Chumupi said at least 36 miners were buried in three separate tunnels while they were digging for copper ore illegally at the Seseli mine without the knowledge of the mine owner.

Zambian government officials said more than 30 miners were trapped under the landslides but couldn’t give an exact number.

Police have said that all the miners are suspected to have died and named seven of them as confirmed fatalities.

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