REVEALED: Scientific journals confirm ‘gender affirming’ hysterectomies are performed on American children

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Scientific journals documenting procedures and practices regarding health care for trans individuals shows that “gender affirming” hysterectomies are being performed on minors in the US. As reports have recently surfaced that children’s hospitals across the country are willing to perform these surgeries for minors, and promote the practice, many media outlets have said the reporting is false.

However, case studies in scientific journals show that the practice is underway in many hospitals. These peer reviewed journals indicate that hysterectomies, an irreversible and sterilizing procedure to remove the female reproductive system, are performed by doctors on trans-identified teens in the United States.

A medical center in Washington published research on gender-affirming hysterectomies wherein the youngest patient in their study was 16.

In 2017, Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, detailed their findings in a research poster titled “Hysterectomy as Gender-Affirmation Surgery in Female-to-Male Transgender Persons.”

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