Revival of Monty Python's 'Life of Bryan' CENSORED to remove jokes about man who wants to be a woman, have babies

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Comedian John Cleese revealed last week that an original scene for his revival of Monty Python’s Life of Brian stage show, during which a character declared it was his right to have a baby and be called Loretta, is set to be cut out. 

According to Spiked, during the read-through of the script last month, Cleese was told by the performers, “We love the script, but you can’t do that stuff about Loretta nowadays.” 

In the scene, the character Stan claims he desires to be a woman because he “wants to have babies.” He continued, “It’s every man’s right to have babies if he wants them.” 

When Cleese’s character Reg pushes back and tells him, “But you can’t have babies,” Stan responds, “Don’t you oppress me.” Reg then points out that Stan doesn’t “have a womb.” He concluded that it’s “symbolic of his struggle against reality.” 

In July of 2022, Cleese was asked if comedians have the freedom to be funny, to which he responded with “No.” He continued, “I think it’s particularly worrying at the moment because you can only create in an atmosphere of freedom where you’re not checking everything you say critically before you move on.”

“A lot of comedians now are sitting there and when they think of something, they say something like, ‘Can I get away with it? I don’t think so. So and so got into trouble, and he said that, oh, she said that.’ You see what I mean? And that’s the death of creativity,” Cleese said. 

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