RFK falsely claims Trump wants to extend Ukraine war based on edited clip about Biden border bill negotiations

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A deceptively edited clip of former President Donald Trump’s remarks from a Nevada campaign speech has been making the rounds on social media and was shared by Democrat presidential hopeful Robert F Kennedy Jr. The claim accompanying the clip is that Trump wants to fund and extend the war in Ukraine, which could not be further from the truth of what he said.

Trump has promised to end the Russia Ukraine war within 24 hours of winning the 2024 election. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky is reportedly “stressed” about it.

During his presidency, Trump slowed the border crossings to a crawl, with less than half a million apprehensions during his final year in office. Biden has seen over 2 million year on year.

“I will immediately end the war, not prolong it by dragging other countries into wasting their money along with ours. We need to stop spending hundreds of billions on a proxy war and invest in our own country,” Kennedy said. He assumed, based on this short clip, that Trump was talking specifically about extending the war in Ukraine—he was actually talking about border security and the fact that Biden refuses to take action on securing America’s border unless Congress approves more money for his pet war in Europe.

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